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QuietOn Dental Earplugs

QuietOn Dental Earplugs

Dental package includes:
· One pair of QuietOn earplugs
· Charging case and charging cable
· One pair of black Comply foam eartips (M)
· 4 pairs of blue silicone eartips (larger)
· 4 pairs of green eartips (smaller)
· Retention cord without clip
· User manual
QuietOn active noise cancelling earplugs are smart and certified hearing protector devices from Finland.




· Certified hearing protector device (EN352)
· Very efficient in low and high frequency noise conditions (reduction up to 40dB)
· Small and easy to use, no wires, no settings
· Extra long battery life: 50 hours on a single charge.
Re-charge in 1 hour
· Hygienic and safe, no electromagnetic interference
· Allows communication with patient and staff
· Decreases noise and the daily stress
· Increases focus during dental treatments
· Increases wellbeing by reducing exposure to constant noises
· Patient use: decreases scary noise and stress





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